January 31, 2023

Are there any specific industries or sectors that are not eligible for the incubation program?

At Livinnovate, we are open to incubating startups from all industries and sectors, as long as their business idea aligns with our mission and goals and have the potential to be successful with the right support and resources. However, there may be certain industries or sectors that we do not work with due to legal, ethical or safety reasons. For example, we do not work with startups involved in illegal activities or those that promote discrimination or violence. We also do not work with startups that involve high-risk activities such as weapons, drugs or hazardous materials.

Our team of experienced advisors will conduct due diligence on startups’ legal and compliance status and the nature of their business before accepting them into the program. If we find that a startup’s business model or industry falls into a restricted category, we will not be able to accept them into the program. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed and we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our incubated startups.

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