January 31, 2023

Are there any specific requirements that a startup needs to meet in order to participate in these partnerships or collaborations?

At Livinnovate, our incubation program is designed to provide the mentorship, resources, and support needed to help startups grow and thrive. To participate in our program and benefit from our partnerships and collaborations, startups will need to meet certain criteria. These criteria may include having a solid business plan, a specific focus or operation within a certain industry or sector, and a certain level of traction in their business, such as a prototype, a minimum number of customers, or a certain level of funding.

Additionally, startups may need to demonstrate that they are dedicated to turning their great ideas into successful businesses and are willing to put in the work to achieve that goal. Our experienced advisors will review each application and work with startups to ensure that they are ready to take advantage of the resources and support provided by the incubation program.

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