January 31, 2023

Is there a pitch process for startups during the selection process?

The company’s description does not provide specific details on whether there is a pitch process for startups during the selection process for their incubation program. However, it is common for startup incubators to include a pitch process as part of their selection process. This would likely involve the startup presenting its business idea, business model, and plans for growth to a panel of judges or investors, who will then provide feedback and ask questions. The pitch process may be conducted in person or remotely, and maybe a part of the formal application process or a separate event. It is also possible that Livinnovate may have different stages of the selection process and the pitch may be one of them, to evaluate the startups’ ability to communicate their ideas and plans effectively. However, without more information, it would be best to reach out directly to Livinnovate to find out if they have a pitch process during their selection process and if yes, how it is structured.

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